Tailored services

WhiteHaven asset management division offers discretionary portfolio management services to high net worth individuals, family trusts and institutions.


Proper asset allocation: We look at tactical asset allocation based on current market conditions without comprising the long-term strategic asset allocation.

Diversification: We do not limit ourselves to traditional asset classes to properly diversify your potfolio. In some cases, alternative investments are required to achieve maximum diversification benefits.

Absolute Return: Our performance is best measured by delivering positive returns to our clients based on their goals and objectives; not only in comparing our performance to a benchmark

OUR Ethics


WhiteHaven is an independent manager, we do not have sales objectives or product distribution.

High standards

WhiteHaven as a portfolio manager abides by the Asset Manager Code of Professional Conducts of the CFA Institute in order to provide the best practices and processes.


Assets are held "in trust" in your name. Either at RBC Trust or NBC Networks of Correspondents (National Bank). Moreover, with little tolerance for capital loss, WhiteHaven focus on managing risks by identifying opportunities often characterized by downside protection.


WhiteHaven seeks to provide competitive management fees and no hidden fees. We communicate with clients in a timely and accurate manner. Moreover, you can access to your accounts online at any time. We also create independent performance report. As well as a detailed monthly report that allows you to track your account progress accurately.


We are committed to take the time to know each of our clients in order to offer the best tailored services. To do so, we review your situation and establish your Investment Policy and Procedure Statement (IPS).

The objective of the IPS is to establish your investor profile while considering the specific situations that could apply to you, hence establishing an investment strategy that will meet your requirements as well as your risk tolerance level.

  1. Initial meeting discovery
  2. Presentation of your investment policy
    • Investor profile

      We use a questionnaire along with the information you provide in order to determine what type of investor you are.

    • Investment objectives

      We get to know your time horizon, your income needs and the liquidity portion of the portfolio

    • Risk Profile

      We determine your risk tolerance level

    • Your portfolio

      We create your portfolio according to your requirements

  3. Mutual commitment to the established strategy
  4. Implementation follow-up meeting
  5. Progression Analysis

    You will receive from the custodian a quarterly statement and a monthly statement if transactions occur in the month. In addition, you will receive a monthly statement from WhiteHaven and continuous communication of progress to clients based on your needs.

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