Unique investment opportunities

Overview – Exempt Market

The world of alternative investments is changing, both quantitatively and qualitatively.  Historically alternative strategies comprised a very small portion of client portfolios, usually through the use of hedge funds, with a mandate to produce absolute returns.

However, over the last few years, there has been an emergence of new strategies in the alternative market space, and that has led to a much larger variety of products, which in turn has altered and enhanced the role of alternatives within a given portfolio.

Due to their attractive returns and their low correlation to traditional asset classes, alternative products remain an excellent means of diversifying a portfolio, and can be customised to provide clients with the right level of risk adjusted returns.

Our alternative investments span various industries throughout the globe and are comprised of established, growth-oriented as well as start-up businesses. We help companies grow their core business, launch new initiatives, make key acquisitions and even upgrade technologies to support their long-term strategy and vision.

Investing in the exempt market in Canada


Identifying attractive investment opportunities is achieved through a rigorous due diligence process that evaluates risk while identifying catalysts for increased upside.  Our due diligence process evaluates opportunities based on a macro-economic approach and a unique target approach.


Macro-economic approach

We seek to identify economic trends for growth in order to find the most promising markets. We then identify opportunities that follow those market trends and growing industries.

Unique target approach

We target the best opportunities that have something unique in its kind. A project or business that will disrupt an already mature industry or innovate  a certain industry.


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