Diversifying your investments


The purpose of Mutual Funds has always been to offer investors a way to diversify their portfolio within a certain target market or industry, and thus mitigate some of the risk associated with picking individual securities.

However, in today’s financial marketplace, there are over 15000 funds trading in North America alone, with almost twice that number worldwide and that can be a daunting number to pick from.

Our mandate is to help sift through this mass of data and identify the leading industry funds around the world.

That allows us to match the right type of fund for each client’s current and future needs. Whether it be on income generating fund in North America, or a growth fund in Asia, our capacity to diversify our offering allows us to meet each individual investor’s needs.

Industry Statistics

  • $1.53 TRILLION

    Canadians build financial security with $1.53 trillion in mutual funds as of the end of May 2019.

  • 4.9 MILLION

    As of 2015, 33% (4.9 million) of Canadian households held mutual funds.

  • 38%

    Mutual funds account for 38% of Canadian's financial wealth.

  • 12.2%

    Mutual funds assets have increased by an average of 12.2% per year over the last 20 years.

* Source: IFIC - The Investment Funds Institute of Canada


One of the main advantages of mutual funds is they give small investors access to professionally managed, diversified portfolios of equities, bonds and other securities. WhiteHaven offers a diverse range of mutual funds that can be matched to your goals:

Investment lending

In addition, we offer investors opportunities to use leverage for investment purposes through B2B Bank and Manulife Bank.

While investments loans have the ability to magnify gains, they also have the potential to magnify losses. Investors need to understand both the benefits and risks associated before entering into any strategies, see leverage risk disclosure at the bottom of the page.


Through B2B Bank

B2B Bank is a Canadian leader in third-party investment and RSP lending. B2B Bank serves a network of approximately 27,000 financial professionals in a variety of key vertical market sectors including mutual funds.

Through Manulife Bank

Manulife Bank of Canada (Manulife Bank) was the first federally regulated bank opened by an insurance company in Canada. Manulife Bank supports the sale of the parent’s core products and distributes its products through a number of channels, including financial advisors, mortgage brokers, deposit brokers and direct-to-client.

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