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Partnership between the WhiteHaven Group and ID-3 Technologies

October 11, 14:29 - BY

The WhiteHaven Group is proud to announce its partnership with ID-3 Technologies, a firm specialized in creating websites for professionals. This strategic partnership aims to develop an innovative digital presence, based on the Cartera platforms, entirely dedicated to WhiteHaven representatives. The creation of websites for representatives by ID-3 Technologies is part of a commitment to … Continue reading Partnership between the WhiteHaven Group and ID-3 Technologies


The Fashion Hero Season 1 is here!

October 6, 17:48 - BY

We are pleased to announce that the 1st season of The Fashion Hero is finally on Amazon Prime Video. You can already watch all the episodes on this link


WhiteHaven launches Solstar Pharma

September 21, 15:38 - BY

Solstar Pharma is one of the most promising companies in the pharmaceutical research market. Solstar Pharma is fully focused on the research and development of antimicrobial agents for the treatment of life-threatening infectious diseases and is committed to protecting its patients against these diseases by providing them with the best possible products on the market.


WhiteHaven launches MAVAN Capital Partners

September 21, 15:05 - BY

WhiteHaven is proud to present you our new product MAVAN Capital Partners MAVAN Capital Partners is a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, business professionals, finance experts, and lawyers dedicated to investing in technology. With unmatched senior relationships within the technology industry in many different markets and access to unique deal flow in many different technology verticals, this … Continue reading WhiteHaven launches MAVAN Capital Partners


A prestigous nomination for a loyal partner

August 29, 15:11 - BY

Congratulations to Curtis Potyondi, President of Prestige Capital on being nominated for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. It is an honour for WhiteHaven to be the exclusive dealer of Prestige Capital investments in Quebec.


FASHION HERO announces contract with Amazon Prime Video

June 8, 20:38 - BY Tommy Baltzis

MONTREAL, JUNE 8, 2017 THE FASHION HERO has signed a contract and will be airing on Amazon Prime Video in The United States, UK, and Germany with more countries to be announced! The show will be airing end of summer/beginning of fall.


BLUCAP Announces New Iconic Building In The Montreal Golden Square Mile

April 26, 17:31 - BY Tommy Baltzis

MONTREAL, APRIL 25, 2017 BLUCAP announces a new development in the CORE of downtown Montreal. The new 17-level “mixed use” development project will be located just steps away from the Montreal Bell Centre at 1190 Drummond. Its groundbreaking design will house upwards of 80 micro-apartments, a roof top gym and terrace, 4,000 square feet of ground floor … Continue reading BLUCAP Announces New Iconic Building In The Montreal Golden Square Mile


Livewell announces next round of financing at $0.46/share

April 26, 17:23 - BY Tommy Baltzis

Livewell is set to open shortly its next round of financing through its latest offering memorandum at $0.46$/share (up from $0.25/share).  “Nobody in North America has put together a consolidation of companies like LiveWell.  O-hemp will be a global player.  Artiva will be one of the largest producers around for medicinal marijuana and eventually recreational.  … Continue reading Livewell announces next round of financing at $0.46/share


Hôpitel Winner of the 2016 Health Achieve “Best New Exhibit Space Award”

January 9, 19:37 - BY Tommy Baltzis

Hôpitel cloud based Meditel Interactive Patient Infotainment TV Terminal System technology remains the most advanced of the industry


Jan Salling’s Missing Link Media On Board with The Fashion Hero

November 29, 12:41 - BY Tommy Baltzis

The agreement sees Salling serving as a consultant for Beauty World Search to help optimize The Fashion Hero format and ready-made series for international broadcast and distribution partners.


Relationship Intelligence Automation is Key to CRM Adoption and Success

November 29, 12:40

Traditionally sales folks have had a love-hate relationship with CRM applications, meaning they love to hate them.

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