Hopitel officially launches its Facebook of health!


Hôpitel Scheduled to Launch its Social Media Health Network November 1st 2017

Hôpitel Inc. and Patientel Networks Corp., Hôpitel’s US affiliate, is pleased to announce the November 1st, 2017 launch date of the company’s PatientLogix “Social Media Health Network” which will be available as a web based and native mobile application for Android and iOS.

This vertical social media patient health network will specialize in healthcare, encompassing a global approach to the healthcare marketplace for all types of users which may include everyday health conscious users, patients, family members, medical practitioners, clinicians, care givers, nurse educators, content contributors, hospitals, clinics, alternative complimentary medicine practitioners, support groups and related services.

This social media health network will showcase many types of health centric topics on diseases, conditions and disorders, healthcare and wellness methodologies, healthcare institutions and a wide spectrum of healthcare stakeholders. It will provide community member users the ability to be “engaged” and share and post their healthcare stories and experiences, ask questions to the Patientlogix community in their posts to get feedback from other users experiences, collaborate and share resources with one another and read how others manage their medical issues benefiting others that are facing the same diseases or upcoming medical procedures. Users will also be able to post pictures and videos centering around their healthcare, ask for references on doctors, hospitals, clinics or alternative medicine facilities and services in the vicinity of where they live, ask for best value on health insurance plans etc.

The introduction of the PatientLogix Social Media Health Network will be transformative to evolving patient and family members’ healthcare engagement, communications and education efforts. In an upcoming release patients will be able to access outside of free content specific health education media content from the Patientlogix Media Library for a nominal subscription fee.

Advertisers will have the exclusive opportunity to extend their advertising campaigns from the PatientLogix Social Media Network into a broader cloud based Healthcare Eco-System reaching thousands of other patients in more healthcare centric related platforms within the PatientLogix family of media platforms further leveraging their advertising campaigns within the patient care continuum, all being managed by Hopitel. These platforms will include the; PatientLogix Patient Health Education Portal, PatientLogix Clinician Authoring Tool Portal and the Meditel Patient Infotainment Healthcare Network.