Product review and due diligence process


  1. Understanding the opportunity

    This first step is about getting to know the company. WhiteHaven's team reviews the actual investment documents with any other pertinent documents, in order to properly understand the opportunity being offered to investors.
  2. Company and Industry analysis

    This step is about exploring more thoroughly in order to assess the risk profile of the company. We review the business model, the competency and experience of the leadership team, and the potential return on investment. We also evaluate the opportunity presented through a macro-economical approach or a unique target approach. Finally, we develop a detailed risk assessment profile. On site visits could be conducted.

  3. Due diligence

    This step is about putting it all together. The Product Review Committee conducts a rigorous due diligence on the investment opportunity, the company and individuals.

  4. Decision

    This step is about finalizing the process and offering the opportunity to investors.

  5. Continuous monitoring

    This step is about creating and executing a continuous review of the investment opportunity. Approved issuers must commit to an on-going audited financial statements and continuous reviews of the business by WhiteHaven's team.

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