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Since our inception, we look to partner with entrepreneurs, private equity investors, and management teams who are planning to sell their businesses, raise capital, restructure, or grow with acquisitions. Completing successful transactions requires proper strategy and effective structuring, execution and post-deal management.  This is who we are.

We are proud to work alongside so many successful businesses with dedicated leadership teams that know first-hand what entrepreneurship is and means. WhiteHaven aims to prioritize executing deals with maximum discretion and minimal business disruption while delivering value to all stakeholders.

Whether you are a private company across a range of industries looking for advice, to sell, make an acquisition or raise capital; or an institutional investor needing proprietary knowledge or access, our team has the experience to help you.

Our main objective is to create value and profitability for our clients by offering customized financial solutions attuned to the ever-changing market.


Our team advises businesses on ensuring they meet their needs, be it debt or equity capital, using traditional and non-traditional sources of capital.  Our goal is helping execute and achieve your business financing objectives on the most advantageous terms.

  • Raising new capital through the exempt market
  • Raising new capital to support a growth or acquisitions
  • Refinancing existing debt or accessing new debt including senior debt, mezzanine debt, high yield
  • Realizing value through a recapitalization
  • Raising capital in situations involving financial stress

All businesses require expertise and experience to drive profitable, sustainable growth.  Our team can provide these businesses with Part Time CFO services where we identify new growth strategies and provide methods to reduce costs to improve your business’ profitability, at a fraction of the cost of a full time CFO.

  • Financial management
  • Strategic management
  • Business development
  • Taxation and legal

Our team understands the realities of running a day-to-day business and all the challenge businesses face.  Our goal is to provide trusted, independent and objective advice and guiding entrepreneurs through uncertain times. 

  • Strategic planning advice
  • Financial planning
  • Management framework
  • Business model innovation
  • Operational efficiency

Our team understands acquisitions can bring on complexities and risks that may be difficult to handle and may require some guidance.  Our goal is to help businesses evaluate these opportunities that are presented, through our teams experience and network, and ultimately help entrepreneurs make the right decisions regarding:

  • Evaluating potential targets
  • Assessing valuations
  • Participating in negotiations
  • Coordinating deals

Our team understands that sometimes entrepreneurs have to made decisions about opportunity cost and need to sell all or part of the business.  Our goal is to guide businesses throughout all stages of the sale process:

  • Evaluating what business needs to be divested or carved-out
  • Evaluating strategic and financial options
  • Helping identify potential buyers
  • Coordinating the negotiation process

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